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Advancing Development, Summer Blossoms -2018 Guangzhou International Shoe Machinery, Shoe Materials and Leather Industry
From: Guangdong Shoe-making Machinery Association Post date: 2024-01-08

The 2018 Guangzhou International Footwear Machinery, Footwear Materials, and Leather Industry Exhibition, which has attracted industry attention and made significant progress, was grandly unveiled at the Poly World Trade Expo in Pazhou, Guangzhou on the morning of May 30th!

In 2018, footwear technology, the future has arrived!
The times have given us the motivation to compete, guiding us to constantly innovate and develop. The Guangdong Footwear Machinery Association responds to the Party's call for "Intelligent Manufacturing 2025" and leads member enterprises to continuously update their equipment technology. With the help of Intelligent Black Technology 4.0, it has attracted a lot of attention. A series of innovative technologies and products have been showcased and demonstrated at the exhibition, leading the future trend of shoe machine and shoe material leather design!

At the exhibition, exhibitors provided visitors with a rich variety of local specialty materials and cutting-edge technologies, making this top shoe and leather trading platform in the Asia Pacific region fully equipped with exhibits. Professional visitors and exhibitors gather together to search for product information and cooperation opportunities related to machinery, accessories, shoe materials, and other types of products.
The grand convening of this industrial exhibition fully reflects the high reputation of Guangdong Shoe Machinery in the country, and has been warmly welcomed by visitors and exhibitors.
In recent years, artificial intelligence has accelerated its development and achieved strategic breakthroughs. Advanced manufacturing technology and the new generation of artificial intelligence technology have deeply integrated, forming a new generation of intelligent manufacturing.
Who can lead the industrial revolution, who will be able to dominate the world. Without strong manufacturing capabilities, industrial revolution cannot be discussed. The new round of industrial revolution led by informatization, characterized by automation and intelligent production, drives the manufacturing industry to step into the era of intelligence. A "industrial revolution" of shoe machine, shoe material and leather leading to the future has begun, and the visual shock of Internet plus industry transformation and upgrading from "Made in China" to "Smart in China" continues, you can't miss it

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