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2018 "New Technology, New Materials, New Equipment, and Intelligent Manufacturing for the Future" is an industrial rev
From: Guangdong Shoe-making Machinery Association Post date: 2024-01-08

Three highlights, refreshing to you

1、 "Worth attention because of profession"
The 2018 Guangzhou International Shoe Machinery, Shoe Material and Leather Industry Exhibition, jointly organized by Guangdong Shoe Machinery Association, Dongguan Shoe Machinery Chamber of Commerce, and Guangzhou Ruihong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., will be held from May 30 to June 1, 2018 at the Poly World Trade Expo in Pazhou. The exhibition is expected to attract 35000 professional buyers from both domestic and foreign markets, as well as hundreds of exhibitors. As an important international shoe machinery, shoe material and leather industry exhibition in the industry, The exhibition will showcase 10000 types of new products from the entire industry, and all top technologies will be showcased!
Introduction to Guangdong Footwear Machinery Association: There are currently over 150 members, mainly composed of enterprises engaged in shoe making machinery, sewing equipment, and auxiliary production machinery for leather and leather goods. More than 80% of the members have independent brands, more than 30% of the companies have high visibility and influence in the industry, and more than 40% of the companies are national high-tech enterprises, with product innovation capabilities far ahead of other regions. Several members have successively obtained the title of Guangdong Province Famous Trademark. Our members have successively led the formulation of over 30% of national and industry standards in the industry, maintaining a leading position in the industry. Has a high reputation and influence in the global shoe machine industry!

2、 "New processes, new materials, new equipment, and intelligent manufacturing for the future"
As an important international shoe machine, shoe material, and leather industry exhibition in the industry, the exhibition will focus on showcasing tens of thousands of new products from the entire industry, bringing international, professional, and high-quality material and product displays. Exhibitors will provide visitors with a rich and diverse range of local specialty materials and technologies, making this exhibition the top visual feast of shoe machinery, shoe materials, and leather in the Asia Pacific region. Not only that, in addition to providing visitors with visual enjoyment, there are also more opportunities for business opportunities, information sharing, and mutually beneficial cooperation!
In this exhibition, the exhibitors let more internationally leading new production technologies, new processes and new equipment appear, making the industry turn from "Made in China" to "Smart in China", and using "Internet plus thinking" to complete industrial transformation and upgrading, providing customers with complete intelligent automation system solutions.

The 2018 Guangzhou International Footwear Machinery, Footwear Materials, and Leather Industry Exhibition allowed exhibitors to "integrate resources and seize business opportunities", while allowing visitors to "keep their eyes fixed and indulge".
3、 Exhibition fees are affordable and more affordable! (This exhibition covers an area of 20000 square meters)
1. Standard booth (3m X 3m), 9 square meters, charged at RMB 7800 per piece (including standard booth configuration and construction)
2. Space only booth: The fee is RMB 7150 per 9 square meters (starting from 36 square meters, excluding any facilities)
3. Forklift fees for mechanical entry and exit of exhibition halls are fully waived

Companies that have already registered for the exhibition have expressed their full expectations for the upcoming exhibition, hoping to learn more about the latest industry information on "new processes, new materials, and new equipment" through this exhibition, promote industry exchanges, and obtain more and larger orders!
Hot recruitment of exhibitors in progress
Exhibitor, what are you waiting for
Welcome all parties to follow and make an appointment in advance to register and visit!

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