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Guangdong shoe machines are full! 2018 Guangzhou International Footwear Machinery and Materials Exhibition welcomes a go
From: Guangdong Shoe-making Machinery Association Post date: 2024-01-08

      The 2018 Guangzhou International Shoe Machinery and Shoe Material Exhibition, jointly organized by Guangdong Shoe Machinery Association, Dongguan Shoe Machinery Chamber of Commerce, and Guangzhou Ruihong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., will be held from May 30 to June 1, 2018 at the Poly World Trade Expo in Pazhou. The exhibition is expected to attract 35000 professional buyers and hundreds of exhibitors from home and abroad. Currently, domestic and foreign merchants are actively registering to visit and participate.

1、 Guangdong Shoe Machinery Museum is fully booked! Taiwanese shoe machine and Wenzhou shoe machine enterprises have successively signed up for exhibition
At present, the specialized hall of Guangdong Footwear Machinery Association is full, and well-known exhibiting companies include: Mingling Industry, Yongzheng Footwear Machinery, Luxin Footwear Machinery, Jinyulai, Ruizhou Technology, OMAX, Jiesheng Technology, Litai Technology, Tuohuaniu Technology, Mengcheng, Yili Technology, Feiyue, Tenghong, Hongxiang, Tengyulong, Changsheng Knife Saw, Dayu Industry, Youli, Liangqiang, Airshow, Qifeng, Yida CNC, Del Laser, Qiyu, Quanlicheng, Henglian, Anze, etc Haifei, Huida, Anze, Kyushu, Aima CNC, Liangzhan, Hongtaixin, Jingneng, Yaoxin, Shengda Technology, Qichang, Xiangdi, Yonghui, Juyuan, Xufeng, Rongsheng, Shalong, Hongfeng Robotics, Dongrui, Wuzhou Laser, Ligang, Hongzheng, Olaite, Xingyang, Jingyi, Cankun, Shangsheng, Yuqiao, Xuanyuan, Zhouyuan, Feiyang, Xinggang, Shengao, Nanfang Lijin, Haiwang, Xinqiu, Tianyu, Benyu, Antai, Wenmei Qixin, Changmeng, Yiyi Technology, Huakepu, etc. Taiwanese companies, including Taiwan Lighting, Taiwan Shunda, Taiwan Chengfeng, Taiwan Leehom, Taiwan He Hongming, and others, have successively signed up to participate in the exhibition. Enterprises such as Wenzhou Dashun and Changshu Hongyu are also actively participating!
Counting the professional exhibitions of China's shoe machinery and materials industry, in Wenzhou, Zhejiang and Jinjiang, Fujian, the most attractive prices are undoubtedly the Guangzhou International Shoe Machinery and Materials Exhibition, which is self organized by industry associations. It is not that the Guangzhou International Shoe Machinery and Materials Exhibition is afraid to charge high prices, but rather that the industry is in a period of weak profits and high costs. As an industry platform, the exhibition naturally needs to reflect the industry's temperature, in comparison to Zhejiang Almost half of the price of the Fujian exhibition is lower to participate in the Guangzhou International Footwear Machinery and Materials Exhibition. This exhibition is also a professional shoe machinery and materials exhibition based in Guangzhou and radiating throughout the Southeast region. Many people have already understood this account. From the Guangzhou International Footwear Machinery and Materials Exhibition, which attracts visitors for a week, and the Guangdong Footwear Machinery Museum is about to fill up, we can see the energy of enterprise selection trends.

2、 Details of Affordable Expenses:
1. Standard booth (3m X 3m), 9 square meters, charged at RMB 7800 per piece (including standard booth configuration and construction)
2. Space only booth: The fee is RMB 7150 per 9 square meters (starting from 36 square meters, excluding any facilities)
3. Foreign companies: USD 500 per square meter (starting from 36 square meters, excluding any facilities)
4. Forklift fees for mechanical entry and exit of exhibition halls are fully waived
3、 Overview of Guangdong Footwear Market:
Data shows that Guangdong is currently one of the largest shoe production bases in the world, with over 35000 shoe enterprises, over 20000 supporting enterprises, and more than 15000 related traders and purchasers. About 65% of high-end or famous shoes in the world come from Guangdong, and sports shoes alone account for 1/4 of the world's sports shoe production. Out of every 400 million pairs of sports shoes in the world, 100 million pairs are produced in Guangdong. The buyers attending the exhibition include the world's largest trading companies such as Levi's and Panomon, as well as other well-known traders and buyers such as Sonaron, BBC, Jimla, Wenyang, Specialty, Pacific, Leeds, Red Forest, Max, and so on. Guangdong currently has the world's largest sports shoe production enterprise - Yuyuan Group, the world's most well-known leisure shoe production enterprise - Xingang Group, and China's largest women's shoe production enterprise - Huajian Group. In addition, Guangdong has also gathered dozens of shoe making groups that are popular worldwide, such as Dalibu Group (Oasis Shoes, Lvyang Shoes), Shuntian Group (Likai Shoes, Lixiang Shoes, and Lizhan Shoes), Gongsheng Group (Yongxin Shoes, Yongbao Shoes, Yongjin Shoes, Yongsheng Shoes, and Yongyi Shoes), Huafeng Group (Ruin Shoes, Ruixing Shoes, Ruibang Shoes, and Hanyi Shoes).

4、 All world-renowned footwear giants will be present for a visit:
At that time, the exhibition will rely on the global footwear buyer database of Guangzhou Ruihong Exhibition Company for nearly ten years, the president and vice president of Guangdong Footwear Machinery Association and the existing customer groups of member enterprises to carry out large-scale publicity and invitation, including provinces and cities in mainland China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea Professional shoe manufacturers from the United States, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Türkiye and other countries and regions visited the site to purchase shoes, including world famous shoe manufacturers: Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Converse, InBev, KAPPA back-to-back, New Balance, Kswiss Gesway, Asics Essex, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Silvano Lattanz Lang Danze Tieshi Dongni and other internationally renowned brands, domestic enterprises include Liwei, Yuyuan Group, Xingang Group, and Huajian Group. Enterprises such as Dalibu Group (Oasis Shoes, Lvyang Shoes), Shuntian Group (Likai Shoes, Lixiang Shoes, and Lizhan Shoes), Gongsheng Group (Yongxin Shoes, Yongbao Shoes, Yongjin Shoes, Yongsheng Shoes, and Yongyi Shoes), Baili Group, and Huafeng Group (Ruien Shoes, Ruixing Shoes, Ruibang Shoes, and Hanyi Shoes) attended the meeting for procurement.

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